1. ‘Life is a journey’ if every person will keep this word in the mind then no buddy will be Sad after following these small words.
  2. Every persons life are different from the each other , if we compare from each other then we are not following the nature(God’s path).
  3. If we are facing the tough times in the life then in future good times will definitely come and we will have to wait for that good times.
  4. Ages are the most important factors in the life if in early age we will understand our responsibilities then maturity will come very early in the life but in some peoples life responsibilities comes automatically comes according to the situations.
  5. Life has no end and it is continue travelling ahead.
  6. No buddy will be with us and we have to travel alone and complete the life journey.
  7. If we are doing any work alone or our responsibility then we have a Lot of experience of that.
  8. Life has only two ends , one is starting and other one is ending and in between this only one thing will be happen and that is journey.
  9. In the journey we all have so much experience like good things,bad things and some close relatives and friends will be with us.
  10. Most important thing in the life is our behaviour or nature , if we treat the people like good or bad behaviour than accordingly our life result will be come.
  11. Because in the end our life journey will be finish then every people will know that person for his nature or behaviour and only his/her good or bad behaviour will be with that person.
  12. For conclusion is focus on your work and dont think about the results because result will be declared by only one(God).


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