Daily Routines

Daily Routines means that how are you doing your daily jobs in day to day life. From start of the day to the end of that day how you worked. If we are at home and our job or work is start at like 0800hrs then we have a sufficient time to work for our body. If we are in the age between 20 to 40 years , then you can do some exercises like running , yoga , meditation etc. and ages after 40 years body got some weakness so we can daily walk in the early morning for maintaining our health good. In this Time due to heavy work in daily to daily life peoples are not getting time for healthy routine. Because of this peoples are getting suffered for maintain healty life. Healthy routine means physical exercise and maintain good diet plans. Some peoples job is maximum outside of the home and because of this peoples are not maintain there diet plans. Daily routine means your body and your mental health should be fit. Peoples are getting overweight , hair falls and many types of disease. If you dail


‘Life is a journey’ if every person will keep this word in the mind then no buddy will be Sad after following these small words. Every persons life are different from the each other , if we compare from each other then we are not following the nature(God’s path). If we are facing the tough times in the life then in future good times will definitely come and we will have to wait for that good times. Ages are the most important factors in the life if in early age we will understand our responsibilities then maturity will come very early in the life but in some peoples life responsibilities comes automatically comes according to the situations. Life has no end and it is continue travelling ahead. No buddy will be with us and we have to travel alone and complete the life journey. If we are doing any work alone or our responsibility then we have a Lot of experience of that. Life has only two ends , one is starting and other one is ending and in between this only one thing will be happen and


 Financial planning is the process of estimating the capital required and the process of framing financial policies in relation to investment and administration of funds of an enterprise. IMPORTANCE OF FINANCIAL PLANNING - It helps in making balance of funds of inflow and outflow so the stability is maintained. Financial planning is also one type of future planning. Financial planning should be as Simple to buy. Simple to execute. Easy to use in daily basis. Easy to use in emergency time. In every family and earning member should have a life and health insurance. LIFE INSURANCE -   In   every family there is one or more earning persons are present in there family and atleast they have one life insurance policy which can help in emergency time for his dependents persons and there dependents should not be troubled in future.most of the peoples have taken life insurance for his whole family and that is over doing and not necessary . HEALTH INSURANCE  - Health insurance is much needed for

Tourism place

In The India there are so many religious places which can not be counted. Dwarka and Somnath temples are one of them for the tourism places. For travelling upto dwarka there are the ways by the train from the main headquarter of western railway from the Ahmedabad. From the Ahmedabad,trains available for the Dwarka and Somnath temples. Travelling time upto dwarka from Ahmedabad is approx 7 to 8 hours . In Dwarka a lot of temples for the tourist , For enjoying the dwarka place one day is enough for that. In Dwarka there is one other place which is known as Beyt Dwarka which is 2 to 3 hours from the main Dwarka city. From travelling upto beyt dwarka there is only way to reach there and that is by boat. Somnath temple is approx 6 to 7 hours from the dwarka city. The railway station for the somnath temple is Known as verawal, which is 7 km from the somnath temple. In the somnath there are a lot of hotels and loudge for the staying in that places. In both places one day is sufficient for the


Satellite is an object which placed into orbit in outer space with intentionally. It has a variety of uses like communication,weather forcast,navigational purpose and for scientific research. Also use for military uses like early warning and etc. Many of the satellites has a variety to communicate ground stations that is called transponders. All the satellites which are present in the outer space are not in equall size. Because of the high launch cost to space , satellites are designed to be as lightweight. Satellites are placed from the surface to orbit by launch vehicles. In 2018 most of the satellites orbiting in low earth orbit, low earth orbit means satellites stay at the sky only. The satellite which is known as earth observation satellites gathering information for mapping,monitoring the weather,ocean,forest etc. Satellites are play an important role in our daily life. With the help of the satellites we watch the tv, using mobile phones,using the maps etc.

Flight Radar24 Systems

Flight Radar radar is based on swedish internet based services when we get all the live air traffic. In Flight Radar will get all type of Flight related Information. All the Flights data information comes  through ADSB(GPS based tracking),MLAT , Radars  and satellite.  It includes flight tracking information,origins and destinations,flight numbers,aircraft types its positions ,altitudes and its heading. It was launched on the year of 2006 The Flight radar system does not shows the privacy data like defence traffics and some VIP datas. And in aircraft Secondary surveillance radar(SSR) used to pass information like flight altitude and its identification Also we get Map styles in flight radar system which we can comfortably to watch the flights as like as google maps like satellite,terrain,roadmap We can increase or decrease the aircraft size also for out comfort it has also a subsciption plans for getting benefits of all these, for first seven days will get free trial,there after subsci

Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh International Cricket Stadium Raipur

The Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh International Cricket Stadium is the capacity of 65000 peoples and it is located in the city of Naya Raipur , Chhattisgarh , India.  This Stadium was inaugurated in the year of 2008 and this ground hosted its first ever match in 2010 when the canada national cricket team arrived in india for practice match against the state cricket team chhattisgarh. In 2013 the second match was hosted between delhi daredevils in the Indian premier league. Stadium is situated in naya raipur sector-3 , nearest to the mana airport swami vivekanand and distance from main city raipur is about 21 km. It was built and owned by the Government of Chhattisgarh. Road safety world series has been also organised here in the year of 2020-21 It is the third largest cricket stadium in the country.