Financial planning is the process of estimating the capital required and the process of framing financial policies in relation to investment and administration of funds of an enterprise.


  1. It helps in making balance of funds of inflow and outflow so the stability is maintained.
  2. Financial planning is also one type of future planning.
Financial planning should be as
  1. Simple to buy.
  2. Simple to execute.
  3. Easy to use in daily basis.
  4. Easy to use in emergency time.
In every family and earning member should have a life and health insurance.

LIFE INSURANCE -  In every family there is one or more earning persons are present in there family and atleast they have one life insurance policy which can help in emergency time for his dependents persons and there dependents should not be troubled in future.most of the peoples have taken life insurance for his whole family and that is over doing and not necessary .

HEALTH INSURANCE - Health insurance is much needed for the family members of the earning person of that family because if in case any emergency will happen then all the financial load will come on that only earning person of  the family but because of health insurance policy that extra financial load will not come on that person.

In the end that if the persons are not present in the world but he took the insurance for his family then no any financial problems will come for their families.


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