Daily Routines

  1. Daily Routines means that how are you doing your daily jobs in day to day life.
  2. From start of the day to the end of that day how you worked.
  3. If we are at home and our job or work is start at like 0800hrs then we have a sufficient time to work for our body.
  4. If we are in the age between 20 to 40 years , then you can do some exercises like running , yoga , meditation etc. and ages after 40 years body got some weakness so we can daily walk in the early morning for maintaining our health good.
  5. In this Time due to heavy work in daily to daily life peoples are not getting time for healthy routine.
  6. Because of this peoples are getting suffered for maintain healty life.
  7. Healthy routine means physical exercise and maintain good diet plans.
  8. Some peoples job is maximum outside of the home and because of this peoples are not maintain there diet plans.
  9. Daily routine means your body and your mental health should be fit.
  10. Peoples are getting overweight , hair falls and many types of disease.
  11. If you daily walk only half to 1 hour then your body will be fit physically and as well as mentally also.


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