Tourism place

  • In The India there are so many religious places which can not be counted.

    1. Dwarka and Somnath temples are one of them for the tourism places.
    2. For travelling upto dwarka there are the ways by the train from the main headquarter of western railway from the Ahmedabad.
    3. From the Ahmedabad,trains available for the Dwarka and Somnath temples.
    4. Travelling time upto dwarka from Ahmedabad is approx 7 to 8 hours .
    5. In Dwarka a lot of temples for the tourist , For enjoying the dwarka place one day is enough for that.
    6. In Dwarka there is one other place which is known as Beyt Dwarka which is 2 to 3 hours from the main Dwarka city.
    7. From travelling upto beyt dwarka there is only way to reach there and that is by boat.
    8. Somnath temple is approx 6 to 7 hours from the dwarka city.
    9. The railway station for the somnath temple is Known as verawal, which is 7 km from the somnath temple.
    10. In the somnath there are a lot of hotels and loudge for the staying in that places.
    11. In both places one day is sufficient for the enjoyment.
    12. All Indian persons and outside from the country , are must visit there once.


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